Vitacost Rebranding

The goal: create an environment that reflects the natural and organic feel of the products and lifestyle, while also maintaining a modern and unique design language.


As the look and feel of the website evolved, the original Vitacost logo quickly fell behind. The logo was design in another time, the original branding rules long forgotten. From the ground up, we considered how the new logo would be used, and what would it stand for.

The font is a custom font, tweaking the corners and some edges of a generic sans-serif font to give it a slightly less-polished look, as if it was cut out of paper imperfectly.

For symbology, the company as a whole started to use a tree internally to represent the growth and change of the company. This concept was integrated in the the V form.

For scalability,rather than having one accent color, it was decided that the accent color could rotate through 4 approved brand accent colors depending on context. And finally, for the condensed logo, we really wanted to push the natural feel further by creating a rough, water ring outlining just the V to create a very distinct shape that is instantly recognizable.

Website redesign

To reflect the new brand standards and design direction, the entirety of underwent a massive redesign. See more by clicking the link below. Redesign

Brand Color Palette

Colors and textures became essential elements in bringing in a more natural look and feel to the previously budget/promotional style of the brand. Due to the wide array of products carried by Vitacost, and the large amount of merchandising assets required to sustain that, we had to think bigger than just one brand accent color. We narrowed this down to a palette of four brand accent colors to be used in a variety of applications, with the green being the primary accent for the brand. This palette still wasn’t flexible enough for the entirety of the UI and promotional marketing assets, so we expanded the palette further to include more options that all worked well together. As opposed to solid color blocks of the brand colors for the site, we applied a gritty texture to the colors to create really interesting color blocks that would become ingrained in the UI and marketing assets. To compliment these bold color blocks, we added the element of neutral natural textures to add variety to the materials.


No brand is complete without a firm typography story. The primary brand accent font Roboto Slab was chosen for its trendy slab-serif style and very web friendly qualities. For body copy, we stuck with the ever-reliable Halvetica Neue due to it’s wide system support and scalability.

Promotional Templates

Despite the shift to a more content-focused marketing strategy, we had to solve for how to market promotions. Using the various colors, textures and typography rules that were established for the brand as a whole, a series of templates was created to fall in line nicely with the new UI but add the bit of marketing flare that is needed.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Finished


The final piece of the puzzle was the redesign of all of the proprietary product lines. This is where the brand identity really came together in a very natural evolution to what was created before.