Web Design

Vitacost.com redesign

To reflect the new brand standards and design direction, the entirety of Vitacost.com underwent a massive redesign. See more by clicking the link below.

Vitacost.com Redesign

Live Naturally - King Soopers

Live Naturally was created as a healthy living eCommerce platform, initially for King Soopers, that would later be expanded across all Kroger brands. I was brought on as the design lead for the project, and focused on bringing a lot of the concepts from Vitacost.com over to the platform in order to creating a compelling interface that exemplified the healthy living lifestyle.


Shop the Beach

The Beach is a fantastic little consignment shop in Boca Raton, Florida. The design is heavily inspired by Lilly Pulitzer, one of the key brands carried in the shop that we felt really represented the feel the brand was going for. I wanted to convey a fun and easy-going atmosphere using distinct pastels to create a retro South Florida vibe.