My Experience

A proven leader with a mind for optimization and efficiency. Experienced in a variety of marketing, branding, web and design practices. Known for creating dynamic marketing/brand strategies that engage consumers.

Experience (a Kroger company)


Creative Services Manager (2015-present)
Lead the complete rebranding of Vitacost, including:
  • Redesigned logo, website, and print materials to fall in line with the new brand.
  • New product and packaging design for both new lines and existing products.
  • Created a digital brand guide to distribute to the teams.
  • Focus on growing photography and video media as a core element to the brand.
Complete redesign of
  • Complete redesign of
  • New UI consisting of modular components to replace banner ads across the website.
  • Brand standard created for UI elements and layouts to add polish and consistency.
Lead new marketing initiatives, including:
  • Unified marketing content under a single brand, Vitalize.
  • Reinstated a discontinued catalog with a fresh look and feel and magazine-like editorial direction to great success.
  • Redesigned Wordpress blog to fall in line with new brand and content strategy.
Optimization and rebuilding of team and workflow
  • Managed a team of 9+ artists: a Digital Design team consisting of 4 Graphic Artists, a Product Design team consisting of a Product Design Lead and up to 4 freelancers, and a Media Team consisting of 2 Photographers and 1 Videographer.
  • Team developed to have more specialized roles with new level structure.
  • Optimized output through the creative use of templates and workflow processes.
Special Projects Design Lead (2015-present)

UI/UX design lead for new ecommerce platform for Kroger, including any new eCommerce initiatives.

Email Development and Production Specialist (2014-2015)
Optimization of workflows including:
  • Moved to a template-based system of email design.
  • 49% increase in customer engagement due to updated templates.
  • 25% increase in mobile engagement due to responsive conversion.
Complete revamp of email code/design:

Creating of a project management system resulting in 200% increase in productivity for team. Fostered tighter relationship with the creative and technical teams.

Web Designer (2012 - 2014)
  • Concentration on marketing banner design and marketing email design.
  • Streamlining of marketing banner production process.
  • Social media campaigns and web page mockups.

Freelance Web Designer

2010 - Present

Web Designer & Developer

Developed and managed 12 websites.



Web Designer

Developed and managed 5 websites.